Monday, January 19, 2009

I Love Strasbourg

My sister and I traveled around France, England, and Italy (Rome only) over the break. We had a ball, but at the end of it all, boy was I ever glad to get back here. I LOVE this city. And plus it was nice to get back to a place where I can speak the language. I didn’t like not knowing Italian in Rome, it was awkward. French is such a beautiful language, I’m so glad I can speak it as well as I do. Aside from that, it was great to get back to my friends, my social life, and my apartment. I’m picking up my plant from a friend tomorrow.

Seems the blog’s been dominate by G and my relationship problems with him. I’ll avoid him in this entry, aside from this part. After he continued to message me for November and most of December, with messages that switched from I miss you and love you, to how could you do this to us, to really angry ones, I sent him something terse back that said I didn’t want to hear from him till the summer because he was only making things worse for both of us. Since then I’ve deleted, without reading them, any messages he’s sent (two or three). I still hope that one day we’ll be friends, but for now, I try not to think about him.

And I have so much else to occupy my thoughts! Good and bad, though the good is usually fantastic and the bad is only ever a mild stressor. Last Thursday I went to the LGBT student association meeting – which is basically just a bunch of us go to a bar and sit and talk and maybe have a drink. Low key, but always a good time. I started going to the meetings last semester in November, made one really good friend (C) and started making more. This was my first time back after Christmas. Afterwards I left with C and his boyfriend to another bar where I did drink and played some pool. I also learned that the two guys at the LGBT club who I was sort of interested in are dating each other lol. Perfect. Oh well, I’ll still be flirting with them, at least a little. Besides, new people come to the meetings all the time, so maybe someone else who I’ll be interested in will come along. One of those guys, though, is showing a serious interest in whether I’m a top or a bottom. Truthfully, I don’t ascribe to either label, it’s limiting, but he’s convinced I’m preferentially, at least, a bottom. I’m not disclosing to him, but I said if I was drunk maybe I’d tell him. And now he’s planning on buying me a few beer at the next meeting to get me to open up. He’s a cutie, I’ll probably tell him the truth, hopefully he won’t be disappointed lol.

I went skating the next night, had SO much fun. I hadn’t skated since I was maybe 16, so it took a while to come back to me, but it was awesome when it did. The friends I was with were of similar level, except the one who’s a roller blader, but still, he wasn’t light years ahead of us. The rink had a dj and funky coloured lights and pounding music. Exactly what I like.

Saturday night I watched the new episode of Battlestar with Beth and C, who also loves the show. We watched it at Beth’s apartment, which has an unbelievable view on the Cathedral’s spire, i never tire of looking out her window. Anyway, the show was so good! Shocking really. Left us with more questions than answers. Can’t wait till next week. C then got sick and vomited because of his migraine – but then he was fine. And it always happens like that for him. I’m very glad I don’t get migraines.

Sunday night I watched a movie with sister and friends after all cooking supper together – potatoes, carrots, beans, and eggs. So good.

Courses of course are a torture to get in order over here, registering, finding out information, etc. I know it’ll all get sorted eventually.

Ciao :)

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Volker said...

Robert, I'm glad you're getting the most out of your stay in Strasbourg (and Europe). I'm so happy for you!!! Strasbourg has to be my favourite city in France, followed by Paris, where I've been three times in the past (Strasbourg that is, Paris twice).

My stuff has come out of storage which means my photos, slides and such are ready for scanning. Most of the photos of Strasbourg were taken on my first visit when I was 18 years old nearing my 19th. One of them includes a shot of the cathedral. I tried my best to get it all in. As it was, I was a few blocks away. I found the canals and the swingbridge facinating as well as the older timber-frame houses. Have you taken the boat tour on the river Ill to get a feel for the city?

Anyway, good that you're getting lots out of this. Hope to hear more.